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Privacy Policy

Last Updated: September 16th, 2023

At Urroz, we are committed to safeguarding the privacy and protection of personal information collected from our clients and website visitors. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect personal data.

1. Types of Personal Information Collected

a. Website Analytics: We use Google Analytics to track website traffic. Google Analytics may collect anonymized data related to website usage and interactions. For details on Google Analytics' data collection practices, please refer to Google's Privacy Policy.

b. Contact Forms: When clients or website visitors complete contact forms on our website, we collect their name, email address, business name, and project details. This information is used for communication and project-related purposes only.

c. Calendly Calls: Information collected via Calendly calls includes name, email address, business name, and project details. This data helps us gain insights into the person and their project to prepare for each call. This information is used for communication and project-related purposes only. For details on Calendly's data collection practices, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

d. Subscription Sign-up: When clients sign up for our subscription service, we use Stripe to manage customer data and recurring transactions. Stripe collects billing details, name, email address, company name, and website. We use the client's name and email for communication purposes only, such as direct project-related emails or addressing questions. For details on Stripe's data collection practices, please refer to their Privacy Policy.

2. Purpose of Data Collection

We collect personal information for the following purposes:

  • To provide design services and communicate with clients.
  • To analyze website traffic and improve our online experience.
  • To manage billing and subscription services.
  • To gain insights into potential clients and their projects.

3. Data Protection Measures

We are committed to the security of personal data and have implemented security measures to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, or misuse. Stripe, our payment processing provider, employs secure measures to protect client data from their end.

4. Data Usage and Sharing

We use Airtable and Asana to manage and track client information for our own internal purposes. This information is solely for our internal use to provide efficient and effective services. We do not disclose or share personal information collected through our forms with any other third parties. Client data is used solely for communication and project-related purposes.

5. Cookies and Tracking

We currently use Google Analytics for website analytics, which may utilize cookies and tracking technologies. Visitors can control cookie settings through their web browser.

6. Data Retention

We retain personal information for a specific period necessary to fulfill the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy, or as required by applicable laws and regulations. The retention periods for different types of personal data may vary. However, please note the following:

a. Client Information: We retain client information (e.g., name, email, assets) to expedite future projects unless the client requests its removal from our records. Even after project completion, this retention ensures a seamless experience when clients return for additional services.

b. Billing Data: Financial data provided by clients for billing purposes is retained in accordance with relevant financial and accounting regulations. We do not store complete credit card information; instead, we rely on secure payment processors like Stripe to handle billing data securely.

c. Website Analytics: Data collected through Google Analytics may be retained as necessary for statistical analysis and to improve our online experience. Google Analytics data retention policies apply

7. User Rights

Clients can exercise their rights regarding their personal data by contacting us at

9. Legal Basis

We collect limited personal information necessary for project engagement, communication, and website analytics. The legal basis for processing this data may include consent or contractual necessity.

10. Amendments

We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy. Significant changes will be communicated to clients via email.

By using our services or accessing our website, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and agree to its terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at